Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bags galore @facebook! (will be on blogspot soon! =))

hOWDEE PEOPLE! sOrry for the long hiatus here. We're actually busy with our new side projects @facebook. We are selling BAGSSS now! Gorjez and rare design. Quality material at such an affordable price!!! We receive an overwhelmed response for our latest stuff and still have no time to share them here. Insya-Allah, we will upload all the bags here later k! In a meanwhile, do add us in facebook (search:warnacloset) to see all my bags collection. You can also place your order through my inbox k! Here a sneak preview of some the bags. *start drooling now!=b*

P/s: Do visit my sister's site http://www.ma-babycloset.blogspot.com/ for a delicious home-made popia simpul and popia pedas. This is one of the best home-made products that I love. Sedap gileeeeee. Seriously!

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Welcome to warnacloset online shop. We formally know as a shawl seller since July 2009 and now, we take a leap in our business by expanding our product to handbags!!

We bring a variety design, lush style and colour which can fit your individual style at utmost best quality but still maintaining cheaper price. All our handbags is handpicked by us and we offer you a prices that can fit your budget and still look trendy and stylish.

Most of our handbag collection were uploaded in our facebook account. Come and Check them out as most stock is limited and run fast! Thanx!!